What To Watch: 05/29/2020

Comedy’s coming at us from all angles to the point there’s no time for preamble, here’s what we got for ya…

Central Park [Apple TV]
After giving us Home Movies and Bob’s Burgers, I’d follow Loren Bouchard anywhere. And when that anywhere is my enchanted childhood playground of Central Park and the voice cast includes Kristin Bell, Titus Burgess, Kathryn Hahn, and Daveed Diggs, well, I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. A cast of weirdos try to save the New York landmark from an evil old lady/real estate developer (voiced by Stanley “Quarantine Cocktail God” Tucci) who wants to plow it over to build skyscrapers.

Space Force [Netflix]
Have you heard? The US Military has a new division — Space Force! Winning yet? Well, at least as a salve on the madness we have this TV show based on a Jimmy Kimmel sketch. Steve Carell stars as the ill-fated head of the new branch. Sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll cry. And that, my friend, is what art is for.

Jesus Trejo: Stay at Home Son [Showtime, 9p]
It’s Jesus Trejo’s first one-hour special! Trejo will hilariously cover his efforts to impress his parents, run his first marathon, and fin a fist fight, through the lens of a first-generation Mexican-American.



  • Ramy Youssef continues to try to find himself as a young Muslim in his politically diverse Jersey hood (probably based on Rutherford, where he grew up) as we begin the second collection of the critically-feted Ramy on Hulu.
  • So much is going on, we almost forgot to mention that tonight is the 12th season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race on VH-1: Social Distancing Version. One out of horror queen Crystal Methyd, wunderkind Gigi Goode, and pageant glory Jaida Essence Hall — and not disqualified crappy human Sherry Pie — will be told condragulations by RuPaul Fracker Charles — yes, we have yet to forget or forgive, but we will watch. This year, the queens fight it out remotely.
  • Filmmaker Andrew Patterson’s debut feature is a critically-acclaimed intelligent ghost story set in 1950s New Mexico as a switchboard operator teams up with a radio DJ, both of whom noticed odd interference over their respective airwaves, to try to discover how many strange local occurrences connect. The Vast of Night debuts on Amazon Prime today.
  • Peak TV meets Peak Quarantine as CBS airs something called Haircut Night in America as the country’s great hairstylists try to reveal hints for DIY do’s that can corral the scruff while we sit here in limbo. We feel seen!


  • If Action Bronson and Snoop Dogg can have food shows, why not America’s most lovable showrunner Phil Rosenthal — if you’re a 30 Rock fan you might remember his part in Jenna’s quickly unraveling horror movie. He has a refrigerator that’s just for soda. His Netflix food show Somebody Feed Phils third season drops today.
  • Stand-up Kenny Sebastian hails from Bangalore, India, but his comedy is mostly in English (with the occasional Hindi for effect). His debut Netflix special is Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Man In The Room. (…in the whole wide room?)
  • Also from India, but much darker, Ponmagal Vandhal is an Indian legal film on Amazon Prime chronicling the pursuit of a cold case against a serial killer, a chase that is judicially complicated by politics.
  • Let’s wrap this part up in the ID corner of the world with Little Boy Lost: An ID Mystery, a program whose title pretty much tells you what you’re getting.

The VoD Trailer Round-Up:

The High Note
  • End of Sentence – A father picks up his just-released son from prison to begin a sad, but maybe inspiring, trek to Ireland to spread the parolees mother’s ashes in her homeland.
  • The High Note – Dakota Johnson plays a PA to Tracee Ellis Ross’ superstar singer in a film that looks paint-by-numbers but boasts a cool supporting cast including June Diane Raphael, Ice Cube, Eddie Izzard, Eugene Cordero, and Diplo{?}
  • Papicha – A teenager in 1990s Algeria rebels against the growing conservative mores of her country by putting on a fashion show.
  • Stage: The Culinary Internship – Five interns at a Michelin-starred restaurant struggle as they try to attain the career they desire in the intense culinary industry.


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