What To Watch: 05/26/2020

…we mean, there’s an actual good Adam Sandler movie on Netflix that almost earned him an Academy Award nomination in Uncut Gems (Brad’s top movie of the year, btw), and a good portion of you are choosing to watch Just Go With It which we’re not even gracing with a hyperlink this time. We don’t know why we bother? I mean, we love you. Here’s some suggestions for new things to watch on TV and online.

Hannah Gadsby: Douglas [Netflix]
I could have sworn that the gimmick of her most recent — and hugely funny and successful — comedy special was that she was retiring. Ah, well, I guess we get lucky and the Australian comic carries on.

The Genetic Detective [ABC, 10p]
This… docu-series? follows CeCe Moore, a woman whose genealogy hobby led her to solve several cold cases. Her methods have solved a lot of cases recently (such as the Golden State Killer), and it’s coming under scrutiny, but…solved cases are always satisfying.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow [The CW, 9p]
Our favorite legends get sucked into different television shows. Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and many others. Nothing beats this DC show for quirky superhero fun.



  • Those three celebrities above sure look like they are ready to dance. That’s a good thing since J-Lo, Ne-Yo, and Der-Hough are the hosts of the returning reality competition World of Dance on NBC. And they were lucky enough to finish before the virus forced us to dance only alone in our mirrors, so you’ll see a crowned champ.
  • And it’s a big day for amateurs getting judged on their entertainment ability as we also have the catch-all talent show of America’s Got Talent coming back for its latest go at it. Sofia Vergara joins the judges table.
  • We’d be loath not to mention the ID look at the tragic end of an underrated and talented actress, Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery probably best known for her role in Clueless, but also outstanding as the voice of cousin Luanne on King of the Hill.

The VoD Trailer Round-Up

Never Rarely Sometimes Always
  • The Hunt – From the Man Is The Most Dangerous Game Files comes this controversial jet-black dark comedy with a fun cast led by Betty Gilpin.
  • Incitement – This from-the-1990s-headlines-rip’t thriller surrounds the assassination of Yitzak Rabin.
  • The Man Standing Next – It’s a good day if you love assassination flicks. This Korean film goes back to 1999 and the killing of leader Park Chung-hee.
  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always – This indie drama follows a pair of rural Pennsylvania cousins’ travels to New York City for one to have an abortion. It’s the best reviewed movie of today’s releases, btw.
  • The Roads Not Taken – And this surreal Javier Bardem/Elle Fanning drama is by far the worst, which is a shame since it’s a compelling concept — a young woman taking care of her schizophrenic father with a lot of the action

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