What To Watch: 05/25/2020

As we sit here and try to figure out why the 2010 comedy Just Go With It is the #5 watched on Netflix — oh God, is it a director’s cut?! — we’ll do our best to not give up hope and recommend at least 10 new things that are better than the nine year old, multiple-Razzie winning, Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston rom-com. Also, we would appear to be very hungry today.

Barkskins [Nat Geo, 9p]
Now, 17th Century period pieces aren’t normally my bag (nor is calling things “my bag” for that manner), but this has got David Thewlis and Marcia Gay Harden, so can’t totally ignore this three-part mini-series that goes to Hulu the day after it’s on Nat Geo.

Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart [Food, 9p]
The four bakers forage for wild ingredients, including honey, lavender, pine nuts, and more.

F*ck, That’s Delicious [Viceland]
Action and the gang stay local and visit some NYC food spots. Pizza, vegan Jamaican, wine, tacos. And a Peking duck. This one has it all folks!



  • After making two action-heavy comedies over 10 years ago, director Malcolm Venville returns for some reason with a History Channel mini-series about Grant, Ulysses S., that is. It’s part talking-head documentary, part re-creation, part full-up drama.
  • Tonight’s Independent Lens on PBS showcases Eating Up Easter, a documentary by Easter Island native Sergio Manta’u Rapu in which he tries to explain the dissonance between the march of progress and the preservation of island history. And of course we’ll see a lot of images of you-know-what.
  • As much as To Catch a Beautician, the latest from VH1, sounds like one of the weirdest reality competitions, it’s actually a spinoff of Braxton Family Values, as Tamar B. and her hubby Johnny Wright cut heads on the TV — but more often they cut down other hairstylists who have created nightmare on the head-of-the-week.
  • The Titan Games returns for a second season of adventures on the Big Peacock (aka NBC) with the hosting styles of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — and it’s a physical challenge competition on TV, so, yeah, we’re gonna call him The Rock. It comes with a warning that you better be prepared to be inspired
  • We’re gonna close in the good ol’ Lifetime/Hallmark Vortex, with ID getting an honorary position in the order as Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster just feels like it’s not a far cry from our television corner of despair. Lifetime itself brings the goods today with I Was Loreena Bobbitt, which could theoretically be a tender look at the human side of a domestic violence tragedy that was treated as national cheap joke fodder, but then this is a Lifetime Movie, so all bets are off. All that being said, it’s still likely a more worthwhile watch than the 27th highest grossing film of 2011.

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