What To Watch: 05/24/2020

While it’s a relatively quiet Sunday (partially being Memorial Day weekend), the HBO/Showtime lineups shine, including the far-too-quick finale of an underappreciated dark road comedy.

Run [HBO, 10:30p]
Things took a dark turn two weeks ago, and now our lovers are actually On the Run. And as invested as I am in Ruby and Domnhall Gleason (I’ll watch him anything, even as a nazi in Star Wars!!) I’m a lot more interested in last week’s burgeoning romance between a small town cop and a taxidermist.

30 For 30: Lance [ESPN, 10p]
Few beloved athletes had their reps fall from so high a peak to incredible lows as quickly as Tour de France master Lance Armstrong. The one-time hero both for his accomplishments on two wheels and for overcoming cancer would thud to the ground when after denying it for years, the world’s premier bicyclist admitted to doping. Did he deserve it? Well, tonight’s two-part docu-series debut is another chance to decide for ourselves.

Snowpiercer [TNT, 8p]
The apocalypse train still going, Jennifer Conelly and Daveed Diggs are still fighting, and the world is still wondering if a whole TV series can be squeezed from that premise. So far, so good — and tensions rise in episode two.



  • Take Betaal‘s claim of “From the makers of Insidious and Get Out” with a veritable salt lick, as it’s based on the fact that it shares a studio and one executive producer (Blumhouse, Jason Blum). However, this Hindi language series created by a British writer working in Mumbai  — Patrick Graham, who also created Ghoul — does promise some of the same existential scares with underlying greater historical themes as the attempt to tunnel through a sacred Indian mountain leads to the release of British zombie cannibals.
  • If you’re one for shorter run-times, Kardashians, and parody, you might want to keep up with Quibi’s Kirby Jenner — where the Instagram celebrity famous for posing as Kendall’s non-existent twin brother. The Kardashian family would appear to be in on the joke as Kris and Kendall executive produce, and all the Kardashian sisters appear, along with some fun cameos by people like Ted Danson and Heidi Klum.
  • Over on Showtime, our group of awful hedge fund managers fighting corrupt politicians bear down on the small town the machinations of each had a hand in ruining on this week’s Billions, premium cable’s most compelling hate watch.


  • Molly & Andrew, the couple we are all kinda lowkey rooting for, are off on vacation for the first time (with a group, no less) — what could possibly go wrong? Well, considering it’s HBO’s Insecure, and a farcical episode to boot, we’ll choose the “everything” multiple choice.
  • Another season of Naked & Afraid XL appears mysteriously on Discovery Channel, yet another example of the apocalypse galloping at us at light speed. Also, a new season of sMothered on TLC.
  • There’s also new episodes of favorites like Killing EveVidaHightown, and I Know This Much Is True on BBC/AMC, Starz, Starz, and HBO respectively.

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