What To Watch: 05/21/2020

From yesterday to today, we’ve upgraded from tag to complex escape rooms designed by a legendary comedy actor and navigated by surprisingly A-list level celebrities. Speaking of, National Theatre of London’s online offering has a pretty snazzy cast too.

Celebrity Escape Room [NBC, 8p]
Watching celebs “break out” of an “Escape Room” of “Jack Black’s design” may likely prove more stressful than intended (can’t we get two hours of Nordic “slow” TV and watch trains go through the Alps or something?) but Adam Scott beats “Dr.” Phil McGraw’s smug ass on “Millionaire” any day.

Penance [Sundance Now]
I’m ever a sucker for moody families with dark mysteries, so bring it on Sundance. This three-parter stars Julie Graham as a woman who’s marriage is, of course, crumbling to bits, but there’s more, much more to come.

National Theatre @ Home: A Streetcar Named Desire [YouTube]
The National Theater version of Tennessee Williams’ classic drops today. Gillian Anderson as Stella? Ben Foster as Stanley? What else do you need to know to want to watch this? STELLA!!!!!!!



  • The parade of odd game shows continues with the return of ABC’s Holey Moley — the golf competition where comedian Rob Riggle yells and Steph Curry… shoots… threes{?} as the best mini-golfers (yes, you read that right) face off. Oh, and if you wondered, it’s extreme.
  • That will be followed on ABC by the ages old {to be specific: 1956} show where three people pretend to be something, but only one of them is actually it. Insert joke here. It’s To Tell The Truth.
  • Sal, Murr, Q, and Joe join the quarantine age: apart, they have no delight to pass the away the time, and since they are shaped for sportive tricks, they are determined to host a dinner party where surely plots will be laid. This loose interpretation of Richard III shall be called Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party and TruTV has got it!
  • Nicola Walker stars as the impressive law-talking gal Hannah Stern in The Split, a stirring legal drama from Welsh playwright Abi Morgan that goes into its second season on Sundance Now.
  • It’s a busy night for them law-talking programs as The CW’s entry into the forum, Burden of Truth, enters its third season. If you don’t like it, you can blame the land of hockey and that nice lady Anne Murray.

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