What To Watch: 05/18/2020

We get some more time in a dream (and the hope it won’t run out of steam). After six seasons, including a final one that wholly collapsed the streaming platform of a legendary internet company, they ran out of steam, but the quarantine has given the Gang Greendale (minus the surliest of the bunch) the excuse to return, at least for one table reading and a Q&A. This Monday is practically dedicated to the re-imagination of comedy in the time of quarantine. So, here we go.

Community Table Read [YouTube]
So, #SixSeasonsAndAMovie becomes #SixSeasonsAndATableReadAndShortQ&A for now, but we’ll take it. Considering the episode they chose to do, a table read is a small step down given, save for the tag, they’re in a bottle episode (shut up, Abed) that takes place around the study group table. It’s also a convenient show as it’s after Chevy Chase left, but before Donald Glover did. The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal takes over the guest spot filled by Walton Goggins in the original episode. At least it was here!

The Daily Social Distancing Show [Comedy Central]
Trevor Noah and the gang are still holding down the social distancing fort, but it is kind of odd without a laugh track – which is itself odd considering how annoying I find them usually. No matter what the crew will bring that scathing commentary and the funny.



  • The latest specialist to be put into the murder-solving game by a police procedural is post-mortem photographer — which almost kinda makes sense (more sense than a numbers expert or retired PR woman anyway). Dead Still is a Brit aggregator Acorn TV foray into original programming and looks to have a quirky nature similar to the PR woman show we just made fun of, but secretly love.
  • The greatest loudly libertarian comedy/magic team to ever show up in a Run-DMC video returns tonight with another special: Penn & Teller: Try This at Home. It’s on The CW, and it’s so-titled, because due to the quarantine, the magicians try out new tricks in their respective homes.


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