What To Watch: 05/16/2020

Due to the circumstances, there will be a lot less pomp this year — at least in person — at graduation. However, our favorite ex-Prez, ex-FLOTUS, and an inspiring cast of characters have conspired to make some joyful moments for this year’s set of high school seniors. There’s also more new content than the usual Saturday, although most of it is either life hack-y stuff or from the vast expanses of the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex.

Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020 [All Networks, 8p]
Our last real president and his wife, as well as a bunch of other luminaries from Pharrell to Lebron to Bad Bunny, salute the 2020 grads as some minor consolation for not being able to have their ceremonies in the public square.

Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like A Pro [Food, 9:30p]
Hang out with our Quaran-Queen, Ina Garten. Learning to cook like a pro can only improve your at-home cooking, now that everyone is making sourdough and hand-made pasta.



  • It’s all about the period piece, these days, and Netflix’s newest go at it is the Colombian drama The Queen and the Conqueror about the birth of the city of Cartagena.
  • OWN’s Girlfriends Check In is not a quarantine-style reunion of the underrated ’00s show starring Tracee Ellis-Roth and others, but a quarantine-style talk show featuring a rotating panel of African American presenters and celebrities shooting the hot goss.
  • We’ll wrap things up in the fertile terrain of madness that is the LHV (the Lifetime-Hallmark vortex. Over on Hallmark — the self-possessed heart of TV — a woman picks up a book to train her dog, but uses the hints within to manipulate her husband to her whim — and that’s what the Hallmark rom-com How To Train Your Husband is all about. Meanwhile, Lifetime goes in the completely opposite direction with Killer Twin – about the rise and fall of Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew, who serial kills in his spare time. Or maybe a happily married woman finds her life starting to unravel only to discover it’s the work of her evil twin. Lifetime is going with the latter.

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