What To Watch: 05/14/2020

While it’s no last Friday, there’s still some options on this quiet Thursday — ranging from a silly, if sagacious, 2016 movie to Tahani joining up with some affable pranksters to even Catherine O’Hara coming by to say hello.

Cooped Up [Crackle Plus]
In a quirky Australian comedy, a wrestler is put under quarantine after being exposed to a coronavirus. While this new-to-Crackle may sound like a rush job, it’s from 2016 — and that it’s only uncovered now may be a red flag. However, if your humor towards our current plight runs towards the macabre or the gallows (is there a difference), this exists.

The Misery Index [TBS, 10:30p]
The Impractical Joker guys and Jameela Jamil rate what experience is worse. Perhaps not the right shown for this moment, but can provide distraction.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire [ABC, 8p]
Our queen, Catherine O’Hara continues her winning streak in support of Upward Bound House. Then Phil McGraw plays for his own damn charity, and after all the shit he’s pulled this year, it’s my deepest wish to see host Jimmy Kimmel unmask the idiot. Or maybe we’ll just turn it off after Catherine O’Hara wins!



  • One of the coolest treats of the quarantine time is the YouTube feature National Theatre at Home series, and this week’s is extra special fun as it presents Nigerian-British playwright Inua Ellams London smash Barber Shop Chronicles — featuring six vignettes from various black barber shops across the UK on the day of a big football (or soccer) match.
  • Man, how the reality shows can rack up seasons. Robert Irvine’s 17th series of goings-at failing pubs, diners, and fancy kitchens to bring them success (on a fixed budget) debuts tonight on Food Network. It’s Restaurant: Impossible.
  • If you’re less about the biz and more about the food itself, sit yourself down for the awesomely named Yum and Yummer — its second season of Eddie Jackson hunting down comfort food drops on the Cooking Channel Tonight. We really shouldn’t write this hungry {Homer Simpson drool}.
  • We’ll close, as we love love LOVE to do on the joyous emotional exploitation factory that is the Lifetime/Hallmark vortex. Tonight, Lifetime Movie Network vague-but-enticing title generator summons up Tempted By Danger. Its official page lacks either a trailer or a description — it’s just a 30-ish African American woman looking somewhat worried, but presumably also tempted by… something… something dangerous.

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