What To Watch: 05/11/2020

Food, drugs, and consumerism lead our Monday recommendations as we see the return of a sometimes controversial comedian, an often controversial narcotic, and a surprisingly controversial but near-impossible-to-hate entertainer (fracking?! really, Mr. Charles?!).

The Price Is Right at Night with RuPaul [CBS, 8p]
In a world where the little things make a difference, expect to be charmed as Ru competes alongside contestants. Drew Carey still hosts, contestants play Plinko for br3rand new cars, and RuPaul raises money for Planned Parenthood.

Amy Schumer Learns To Cook [Food, 10p]
It’s a definite advantage to have a professional cook in your home — comedian Amy Schumer takes advantage of this during the quarantine by coaxing husband and one-time Babbo chef to teach her the culinary arts.

Have A Good Trip: Adventures In Psychedelics [Netflix]
Like psychedelics? Want to hear celebrities talk about their experiences while taking them? This trippy, half-animated documentary is as close as you’re gonna get.



  • PBS’ latest docu-series, simply titled Asian Americans, delves into the fraught history of the Asian American experience (from railroad exploitation to internment camps to an age where it’s still way too easy for too many to scapegoat an entire group of people when a crisis like COVID-19 hits) and casts it as a microcosm of the American experience itself — and sagely pointing out how inevitably intertwined with the greater racial paradox of a country formed for the idea of freedom was built on the backs of people perceived as “other.” The five-parter opens tonight.
  • Bordertown is a Finnish import about a savant detective who quits the biz and moves to a small town — a very moody small town of course — to get away from it all and spend time with his family. Unfortunately, as is the way in these shows, that small town experiences a murder spike, and one that begs for his particular style. Its third season drops on Netflix today.
  • As the porniest of food porn, F*ck That Delicious is perfectly named and begins its fourth season on Viceland after becoming a web sensation in the mid-’00s. The greatest Bronson since Pinchot returns to our hearts as rapper-turned-epicurean Action brings all his wide-eyed wonder to sing the endless praises of ev’ry kinda food.


  • Barkitecture is exactly what it sounds like — and thank goodness — as home-makeover artist Delia Kenza and host Tyler Cameron showcase houses dog fans have dedicated to the pups they love.
  • We somehow missed discussing the revival of Creepshow. The classic 1950s horror anthology (perhaps best screwed into our collective consciousness for its 1982 movie and its infamous too many cockroaches scene) returns on AMC and this week’s stories involve a military troop who stumble upon a fright and a man whose finger will not stop growing. Creepy! Well, not too-many-cockroaches creepy, but still creepy, if not AF!
  • Let’s close off with, for all its positives in its no holds barred news reporting, everything that’s wrong about the whole Vice vibe in its glorification of excess exemplified by Most Expensivest — which debuts its fourth season tonight. Actually, that’s not fair — Vice can also be very, very sexist.

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