What To Watch: 05/09/2020

Really, it’s Saturday during a once-in-a-lifetime quarantine, and it’s a certain show’s finale — a certain show’s 45th season finale — so, yeah, that reigns supreme. Kake it away, Tatherine!

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
SNL’s finale is the show’s third stay-at-home episode, and it’s a shame to say goodbye to these at-home skits so soon because they are so pleasant. This is your last chance to take in the confines of the cast’s homes and heckle them for moving to Los Angeles from you couch, which is what I do while eating Nom Wah dim sum.



  • In the latest movie from the Lifetime factory, a woman loses her boyfriend while on vacation in Bermuda and for some reason it’s called Maternal Secrets.
  • Oxygen’s Accident, Suicide, or Murder returns and when you think about it, that’s just another way to say they’ve got a series of unsolved crime to recreate.

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