What To Watch: 05/08/2020

As it so often is with Fridays, a lot of the action is on the ‘Flix and other streaming sites. Also, with most movie theaters closed, many of the films that would otherwise be opening in darkened rooms around the country are now straight to VoD, so, at least for now, look for a condensed version of the trailer round-up below — Katherine will be back with her awesome longer-form takes once going to the cinema is less likely to cause death to you or your loved ones — when there is an actual Box Office.

Dead To Me [Netflix]
Gotta admit, even between doing this site and having more time than usual on my hands, the second season of this dark, twisted, and low-key-beautiful TV series sneaked up on me. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star and let’s just say, if you enjoy shows like Little Fires Everywhere for the angst that it brings you while watching ostensibly nice enough people who would be best of friends except they have fucked things up so bad that, well, you can guess the rest. It had a solid first season.

Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal [Amazon Prime]
Our fave twisted roommate from Silicon Valley is striking out on his own in his debut comedy special. Jimmy O. Yang dishes on everything from assimilation and Asian representation to dating tall women in his long overdue hour of comedy this weekend.

Harley Quinn [DCUniverse]
Joker is back! And that assures two things. Harley and Ivy’s lives just got harder and hilarity will ensue. Harley Quinn is the cutting razor sharp edge of animated adult nerd humor.



  • From the non-Don Harmon half of the creative team behind Rick & Morty, Hulu’s Solar Opposites (and gotta give it to them for the nifty pun) centers around a family of aliens acclimating to life in America. If the Rick & Morty-ness of it all turns you off (and believe me, we understand), while it’s clearly prone to a similar sort of humor, there are some promising moments in the trailer.
  • Call it strange bedfellows or a universe-aligning reunion, but Netflix’s new series The Eddy is created by La La Land‘s director Damien Chazelle and stars Moonlight‘s Kevin (Andre Holland) as a jazzman who part-owns a Parisian jazz club and that’s that until his estranged daughter drops in and y’all know how that goes.
  • If your needs tonight tend towards fake horror (as opposed to our current waking nightmare), there’s Hulu’s Mother’s Day special Into The Dark: Delivered (hasn’t this holiday-themed scare anthology already done that? and, no, we’re not checking). This one seems intended to make you never want to go to Lamaze class again.
  • If you don’t wish to escape the horrors around us, but would love to find the uplifting stories of the helpers in the fight against COVID-19, Alicia Keys hosts Regular Heroes, a self-explanatory docu-series on Amazon Prime.


  • As fans of the double-shantay you stay, last week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race filled us with joy. However, this week someone has to go home (please be jerkface Sherry Pie) and with this talented group (save Sherry Pie), that’s going to be rough. For the record, Sherry Pie is genuinely talented which makes their being a shitty person all the more frustrating — even more so, it sucks for last week’s Superfan Janet The Planet (and such and awesome name) paired with her who now gets short shrift everywhere.
  • Netflix is offering the return of two shows that sound like some of the fake Netflix reality shows Thomas Middleditch made up for this promo.  The two returning shows are Restaurants on the Edge and Rust Valley Restorers. While you’re at it, if you haven’t already, check out the brilliant improv three-part special Middleditch & Schwartz — the latter, of course, Jean-Ralphio himself, Ben Schwartz.
  • The Hulu documentary Spaceship Earth tells the story of the 1991 scientific experiment Biosphere 2, where eight souls spent a year in a modified version of our own atmosphere in the hopes of finding hints to avoiding future catastrophe.

The VoD Trailer Round-Up

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 4.38.09 PM
How To Build A Girl
  • Clementine – Award-winning, indie-vibing teen drama with thriller overtones about some young humans swapping secrets at a cloistered lake house.
  • A Good Woman Is Hard To Find – Sarah Bolger stars as Lucy in this UK thriller about a widowed mother whose life is turned upside-down when she gets swept up in a drug deal gone — what else? — wrong.
  • Hope Gap – This brooding after-the-love-is-gone drama features Bill Nighy and Annette Bening as the divorcing (maybe?) couple, so you know, there’s that.
  • How To Build A Girl – Beanie Feldstein is a bumbling aspirant music journo in this quirky, somewhat surreal coming-of-age comedy that’s getting good buzz.
  • Intrigo: Dear Agnes – The third part of an anthology of, as the title suggests, intrigue… or, YouTube commenter Althea May Pilapi said it best “Why is Gemma Chan always cheated on in her movies?!”
  • The Legion – If you like your period pieces from the way, way, waaaaay back — we’re talking 1st Century here — Jose Magan’s very screamy adventure flick is for you.
Valley Girl


  • On A Magical Night – This French film, touted as “a playful new film from writer-director Christophe Honoré,” features dissatisfied wife Maria taking a hotel room across the way from her home to spy on her life without her.
  • Porno – Three 1992 movie ushers discover a hidden abandoned porno theater and a haunted X-rated flick that literally “unleashes a sex demon.” Fangoria and Shudder flash by in the trailer so that likely gives you a hint of the grindhousey stuff you can expect.
  • Rewind – Critically lauded documentary from the director-becomes-the-subject genre about an auteur who finds disturbing content when he explores his childhood home movies.
  • The Traitor – Based on a true story, this raucous Italian crime drama purports to document the end of the Mafia.
  • Valley Girl – So, this is something that has apparently happened. This is a remake of the cult classic 1982 with YouTube celebrity Logan Paul taking Nic Cage’s place. Gnarly or spoon gag-worthy? Probably the latter. On either the plus or the another-minus side, they would appear to have kept the sought-after soundtrack intact.
  • Walkaway Joe – Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is a pool hustler who doubles as deadbeat dad to a pool prodigy who finds said dad while on the road with a drifter played by the always game David Strathairn. It apparently takes its name from a Trisha Yearwood song and that’s what we’re gonna leave you with.

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