What To Watch: 05/06/2020

It’s all about Michelle today as one of the few universally popular figures in the political world sees her blockbuster memoir gets the Netflix documentary treatment. Meanwhile, those mothers with jobs return for a second season, while (along with Mrs. Obama) we tout the supernatural.

Becoming [Netflix]
In the mood for a little inspiration, hope and grace? Have no fear, Michelle Obama is here. Toted as the companion piece to her memoir of the same name, this documentary serves up BTS footage of the nationwide book tour as well as uplifting gatherings with young women. Extra points for the first peak of daughters Malia and Sasha since the White House.

What We Do In The Shadows [FX, 10p]
A Colin Episode! The nebbishy looking — but truly sadistic — energy vampire gets his time to shine (so to speak) when he gets a promotion at work as the funniest indie goth vampire show set on Staten Island strikes again.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
Mr. Honey ruined senior year! How does one get revenge? If you’re Jughead Jones you use a. I’ll eve essay to write an elaborate revenge fantasy. This show, man…



  • Our four Canadian moms return and despite its first hitting the states last year on Netflix, it’s the fourth season of Workin’ Moms that debuts today.
  • BET’s The Oval has not received the greatest of welcomes, but Tyler Perry’s politically themed show carries on with its cult following (we presume) for a second season.

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