What To Watch: 04/27/2020

There’s no quit in the word TV — well, they share a “t,” but that’s not the point. It’s hard to feel too quarantinisable when Mindy Kaling has a new series out, and a young Food Network’s heart turns to baking.

Never Have I Ever [Netflix]
What an amazing time to be alive, as new shows even drop on a Monday! Ok ok, more importantly, we get a fresh perspective on the coming of age story in the form of Mindy Kaling’s latest offering. The comedy series centers around Devi Vishwakumar, a 15-year-old self-proclaimed nerd. But unlike nerds we are used to, she is no outcast or wallflower. She goes after the popular guy in school, is liked by her peers and butts heads with her tough-love Hindu mom. I’m here for a fresh and overdue take on growing up bi-cultural in America.

Axios [HBO, 11p]
Andrew Cuomo is interviewed in the latest episode of the returning edgy news show. Let’s face it, the man has something to say that we should all listen to, especially in these days of massive failure of federal leadership.

Spring Baking Championship [Food, 9p]
Love Spring, love baking shows, so what’s not to love about the seventh installment of the Food Network’s most upbeat reality competition.



  • AMC’s puzzly creepshow Dispatches From Elsewhere solves its final mystery — of its first season — tonight. It features two former Oscar nominees (one of whom you really like), Andre 3000, and Jason Segal.
  • Quibi drops a couple more swift chomps of TV with Cup of Joe — a Joe Jonas travel show (we’re not making this up) — and Floored — featuring the hardest working woman in YouTube, Liza Koshy, judging people who think they can dance (don’t tell Fox).
  • Speaking of Quibi, it will feature the return of the classic COPS spoof, Reno 911, starting in four days. Until then, we’ll have to make do with Fox’s 9-1-1, which is nowhere near as funny, but does have a heartwarming C-story today as one of the regs tries to reunite an old firefighter with his long lost love — and as we Screen Scholars cry one single tear, that’s how we close another episode of WTW.

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