What To Watch: 04/26/2020

It’s Sunday, so there’s lots of premium cable to be had, led by the new adventures of the Hernandez series, the latest intriguing nonsense from the land west of the world, and a complete re-imagination of a polarizing show about mysticism and picking out the dopest wardrobe its time period has to offer.

Vida [Starz, 9p]
The Hernandez sisters return on the heels of the success of the bar. Lyn and Emma are united; their love lives are flourishing; they are (dare I say.).. happy. But this newfound state of bliss is cut short when old ghosts pop up and the sisters are forced to decide if they can move on together as a family or on their own when confronting them.

Westworld [HBO, 9p]
The Westworld world has gotten bigger this season. It has also gotten a bit weirder. It’s been a wild ride and Dolores is off the rails. Humans are fried from control. The revolution is upon us. Will humans and robots team up?

Deadly Cults [Oxygen, 7p]
Sure, there’s something higher-brow on tonight, but nothing piques my interest like cult fatalities. (It speaks to my desire for knowledge. If I know more, I won’t get lured by a magnanimous leader, right?) Tonight’s premiere investigates the sweat lodge death of three people who were swayed by a self-help guru.



  • That slinky Showtime series about the intertwined lives of famed fictional characters in 1890s Britain gets a spin-off, but this time it’s about an original cast of figures and floozies dotting the back sets of 1930s Hollywood that populates Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.
  • During this time of crisis, some people want to fill their queue with absolute escapism to forget there’s a virus bedeviling our country and its first idiot President. A second group will turn to fiction of exaggerated post-illness dystopias (pandemic porn?) — and that’s the group that sent the forgettable 1995 star vehicle Outbreak into Netflix’s Top Ten. For the third group — the ones who want to know everything about the invisible disease that threatens our every move — there’s Coronavirus Explained, which debuts today on Netflix.
  • If you like your UK period pieces to really dig deep into the sands of time — like pre-UK, pre- even Battle of Normandy, The Last Kingdom, takes place in the first half of the 11th Century, and its fourth… wait, that can’t be right?!… nae, fourth series it is, on Netflix.
  • We close again, as we do, flush in the Lifetime-Hallmark vortex. Tonight’s new Lifetime movie tour de force is Killer in the Guest House — in which struggling fashion photographer Gina is forced to let a stranger sublet on her property. But he’s hot, so what could possibly go wrong? Things. It’s things that go wrong.

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