What To Watch: 04/24/2020

TV can’t, won’t and don’t stop. Even if something comes along to sabotage it, it’s intergalactic, and people will most certainly fight for their right to view (and then party for the right to fight). So what’cha want to watch. This intro has been a clue to Jason’s choice.

Beastie Boys Story [Apple TV]
The NYC trio (sadly turned duo since the early passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch) has constantly obliterated genre on their way to becoming one of the most influential bands (and moguls) of the past 30-plus years. With input from Mike D and King Adrock, and surely Rick Rubin, Joseph Simmons, and the rest of the crew, this docu-series should tell a fascinating story.

After Life [Netflix]
We left off with Tony seeming in a better place with his depression at the end of season 1, probably because we see him get asked for a date. The worst of it must be over, right? Unlikely. Season 2 of this heart-warming dark comedy will continue on Tony’s grieving journey, with more ups and downs, just different approaches to dealing with it. Which feels very timely to watch at a time like this.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Disney+]
What will be the outcome of Tano vs Maul? In this episode, Ashoka learns some things she will have wished she hadn’t. Fans (fanatics) loved the first six seasons of this series and 7th is turning out just as fantastic.



  • Call him Bollywood’s Paul Scheer, as both are comedians who are known to many for their podcasts making fun of movies. With Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill, the stand-up gets his first hourlong Netflix special.
  • Based on a William Linday novel, and starring Hollywood Chris #3, Chris Evans, Defending Jacob tells the story of a prosecutor whose son is accused of murder. It features on Apple TV.
  • It’s the second and third rounds of the new, more Zoom-y version of the 2020 NFL Draft, and the first picks for such beloved fanbases as Steeler Nation and Bills Mafia, on ESPN, NFL Network, and online.
  • We close up the TV part — as we like to do — in the Lifetime-a-Hallmark-iverse. Tonight’s new Lifetime movie is Remember Me, Mommy? a thriller about an abandoned daughter who shows up at the boarding school that her unaware mama teaches.


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