Your Box Office Weekend Is Suspended

Screen Scholars has provided the weekend’s trailers, fairly regularly, every Friday since the blog’s inception. The feature was carried over from a startup job that brought the founding editors together, both as a team professionally but also as colleagues with similar, pop culture-based values. 
Today we remain a team, united by Screen Scholars and the belief that Joe Exotic is a predatory creep undeserving of your love and adoration. (I haven’t asked my fellow Scholars that, but they have clear minds and warm hearts, so I feel safe making this controversial statement.) We’re also all still working, which is incredible, but also exhausting. It sounds good on paper, to spend the day at home, working remotely in your cozy clothes, but the stress and anxiety that comes as a side dish to a global pandemic is anything but, and I’m hashtag-blessed to be working overtime as an essential employee outside my apartment. Which is to say, spending an entire day off at home, on wi-fi that’s less than reliable (thanks, Optimum), trying to determine what’s been rescheduled (Mulan) and what’s On-Demand at home (Trolls 2) is a private nightmare. Watch Bacarau and be done with it.

Then fire up your apps and finally finish the third season of FargoThe Wire, and everything else you promised your friends and family you’d finally watch. (That’s what I’m going to do.)

Good luck. Trailers will be back when the movie theaters re-open.

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