What To Watch: 04/09/2020

It’s Day Number… we’ve lost track — we think Sunday might be Easter — is that still something that happens? Welp, if it is celebrate the day before Good Friday with The Good Fight.


The Good Fight [CBS All Access]
One of the better spin-offs of recent vintage (certainly better than Major Crimes) goes into its fourth season with the mystery of what is “Memo 618.” The buzz is quietly building although unfortunately the season will be abruptly cut short at episode 8 as they were still filming when the country was effectively closed down.

Shelter In Place with Shane Smith [Vice, 10p]
Vice founder Shane Smith is entertaining us as we wait for this all to blow over. Tonight debuts his Shelter In Place interview series. Up first? He talks to Edward Snowden.

Outcry [Showtime, 9p]
This five-part docuseries looks at Greg Kelley, a high school senior who was accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old-boy, and eventually found his case overturned.



  • All the people. So many people. And they all go hand-in-hand, hand-in-hand in their Shaq Life. NBA legend, charmingly incoherent broadcaster, and Newark’s tallest son gets the family reality treatment and it all starts tonight on TNT.
  • Speaking of family — and we’re working off two meanings here — tonight MTV debuts Families of the Mafia — the chronicling of the Gravano Crime Family. Is this OK? Should we be doing this? Why are we covering this?
  • The concept of The Circle franchise — that people isolate themselves in their apartments and present social media images of themselves which will then be rated by their fellow contestants — came disturbingly after THAT Black Mirror episode, but creepily before that was what life became for all of us. Anyway, The Circle: France debuts on Netflix today. What have we become?


  • Mike Schur always has the antidote for the cynicism of modern television and like Say Anything did for Siskel & Ebert, the latest Brooklyn Nine-Nine ridiculous contest episode — this one called “Valloweaster” (a combo holiday of Val’s Day, Halloween and Easter, presumably) — brings us back from the brink of quitting reviewing entertainment. It’s on NBC, and let’s stop here!

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