What To Watch: 04/08/2020

It’s a second consecutive night of major show finales, and for tonight’s we’re not promising either way whether it will end in tears, but we’ll admit that over the years Modern Family has had its share of absolute classic episodes — and while it may have outstayed its welcome by a-few-to-five years — it’s still hard to say goodbye to yesterday.


Modern Family [ABC, 9p]
Modern Family comes to an end after eleven years. “The whole family deals” with saying goodbye as their lives continue to grow and develop in different ways.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire [ABC, 10p]
Jimmy Kimmel goes where Regis Philbin, Meredith Viera, Cedric the Entertainer, Tim Crews, and exactly one Bachelor have gone before, hosting the game show that was originally supposed to be a limited run but has now lasted over two decades. If you know trivia like the fact Lyndon Johnson had a tap installed in the Oval Office to dispense Fresca (an actual million dollar question), you could too be a millionaire — but only if you really want it.

Brockmire [IFC, 10p]
There certainly has been a lot of interesting changes in Brockmire’s life. Thankfully, his trademark wit and irreverence are still there. Will Jim and Jules keep their relationship professional? Doubtful, but we will see this week.



  • There’s so many shows on streaming these days, and Liar is one of them. The British series about a rebound blind date gone violently bad returns on Sundance Now for a second season after three years away.
  • Another day, another beloved series finale, and another wrap-up show of cast interviews to salve the pain. This one is called A Modern Farewell and it’s on ABC because if it were on The History Channel that would not make much sense.
  • Jeff Schwartz, known as the Liquidation King, returns with his effortlessly titled reality program The Liquidator on FYI — a cable network that wants to warn you “it isn’t always pretty.”
  • And for all your discount ghoul needs, A&E is here for you with a double shot of returning shows — Celebrity Ghost Stories and good ol’ Ghost Hunters.

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