What To Watch: 03/31/2020

Tonight’s options for distraction include the corrupt, the bizarre, and the family. Without further ado, it’s time to start rec’ing.

The Scheme [HBO, 8p]
As we have no March Madness to distract us (we’d normally be going into Final Four weekend right now), why not explore the dark side of college basketball and the NCAA. Besides, it’s an HBO documentary, and even if you’re not a sports fan, there’s usually enough betrayal, intrigue, and passion to compensate. Also, if you’ve never seen the amazing 1994 doc Hoop Dreams, now is your chance.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch [History, 10p]
A ranch in Utah, which has “defied logic for decades” with its strange activity finally brings scientists to its grounds to scare us with the skinwalker legend (heebie jeebies!) and make us long for the days when History was old b-roll footage of WWII bombers.

One Day At A Time [Pop, 9:30p]
After a brief scare last year when Netflix abruptly cancelled the show, La Familia found a new home on Pop TV and we’re so excited for their return! We last left off with abuelita Lydia sneaking off to Cuba with her doctor novio, and Penelope and the fam all having major feels at Victor’s wedding. Avery and Schneider are on the outs but he has been sober for 30 days so kudos on that. This season promises more heart-warming moments and tough topics as Lydia faces a religious crisis, Elena prepares for college and Alex starts, gasp, dating. I’m so glad the familia is back!

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