What To Watch: 03/27/2020

Jason Bateman’s less supernatural thriller returns for a third season while a new reality competition featuring Runway castaways Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn debut. John Oliver was right to make them three of the people he likes and admires on his episode about multi-level marketing(you heard us!).

Ozark [Netflix]
Finally, season three of the roller coaster crime drama returns. If you need an escape, this is a good one. It’s where we get to watch Marty’s (Jason Bateman) entire world implode. He’s so cute when thinks there is a way him and his family can actually waltz out of this life of crime, it’s really endearing. We left off at the end of season two with Ruth being waterboarded by the Cartel, so she is not happy. I’m also worried she will go all Arya on Marty now for killing her dad. Wendy nixed the plan to flee to Australia without Marty’s consent, so wave hi to the new head of household. Half of the cast is not returning thanks to Mrs. Snell, Marty’s latest nemesis. She is still at large and the pesky FBI are closing in on him as well. Oh yeah, and that nice lil union deal he made also went kaput. So how, pray tell, will he manage to survive this season?

Making The Cut [Amazon Prime]
It’s good to see Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn back judging looks on the catwalk. This new design competition has definite similarities to Project Runway — which just wrapped up its 18th season — but significant differences in that it not only takes place in New York, but also in two other fashion capitals: Paris and Tokyo. Also, the looks are instantly available, as opposed to only on specific challenges.

Triple D Nation: Savory Seafood and Square Pie [Food, 9p]
I am loathe to recommend a show with Guy Fieri in it, but tonight Guy and his kid go to Baltimore for square-shaped pizza. Food Network is slim on the details but I’m pretty sure they’re going to Joe Squared, which turned the city on its head when it opened over a decade ago, blowing the minds of stodgy Boomers who elbowed hipsters and art students for its cheesy, glorious pie. A girl might move to Brooklyn, but Baltimore is always home in her heart.

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