What To Watch: 03/26/2020

Everything in our rec’s is so timely. Well, OK, maybe not the goofy comedy, even if it does have Screen Scholar favorite Eugene Cordero as one of its Washington State-based firefighters.

Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections [HBO, 9p]
Do I even have to say much about why an HBO documentary about internet attacks on elections is must watch mid-Trumpdemic in 2020 U.S.A?

Unorthodox [Netflix]
Netflix’s limited series, an adaptation of the best-selling book (which I read, but I don’t remember, well, any of this) follows a woman who leaves her insular Hasidic community in Brooklyn for freedom.

Tacoma FD [TruTV, 10p]
While this series from the folks at Broken Lizard — like most of the BrokeLiziverse — can be hit-or-miss, but at its best, when the farce builds to a frothing delight, it’s one of the better comedies on TV. And it’s a great ensemble.



  • The essence of The Great Food Truck Race is right there in its name, and while it feels like it just debuted, that beginning was way back before the days of M83’s “Midnight City” — in other words, a whole different era. In any case, in the age of quarantine, it feels even more like a relic of a bygone era of a couple weeks ago. Season 12 is subtitled “Gold Coast” and it’s on Food Network tonight.
  • The final major returning show needs no introduction — and frankly, we’d rather not be introducing it, but that’s elitist. So, yeah, watch Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kanye, Kylie, Kendall, Kris, and Caitlyn (why you gotta mess it up with the hard “c,” Ms. Jenner?) on the somethingth season (it’s certainly — also said with a hard “c” for kicks — a lot) of Keeping Up With the Kadashians on E!.
  • We don’t generally make particular notice of the genre of “Talking About” programs, but TruTV’s Talkoma FD, being a clear parody of the nascent genre, is completely new territory and could even be better than the real thing.

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