What To Watch: 03/24/2020

We’re all looking for distraction right now, so we have the original deep-diver Ken Burns looking into race and wage disparities as they affect public housing, the return of one of our not-so-guilty-pleasures (in the rare streaming-to-network move), and a new comedy hour from one of the best comic storyteller.

East Lake Meadows: A Public Housing Story [PBS, 8p]
Am I a Boomer if a new Ken Burns documentary series excites me? Because while we’re cooped up at home we can turn to a new Burns project and I am thrilled. The series “raises critical questions about race and poverty” while it explores Atlanta’s East Lake Meadows, a public housing community shoddily-built in 1970. Burns isn’t perfect, but I feel hopeful about what this series will reveal and how it may change and open minds.

One Day At A Time [Pop, 9:30p]
After three years of hanging on at Netflix, one of TV’s best traditional sitcoms returns on Pop — paired with perhaps the best half hour comedy on TV (well, at least for its last three weeks) in Schitt’s Creek.

Tom Segura: Ball Hog [Netflix]
Segura has a new comedy special to entertain you during these shut in days. If it’s one thing he doesn’t like it’s grown men who board a plane at 6am who have never seen clouds before.



  • If your tear-meters are not yet registering capacity, the word is Council of Dads is NBC’s attempt at another This Is Us. The buzz isn’t great, but it’s got a solid cast and after watching this episode, you have a month and a half to decide whether you want to watch this, as this is just a preview.
  • We’ve got three episodes to go as we gear up to the big wedding (and maybe… a second one?). With some programs, the march to the end brings the excitement as to what it will reveal, while Schitt’s Creek is one of our all-time favorite shows, it’s not really that kind of show, and its impending end just brings sadness as no more tales of the crazy Rose family in the hometown they bought six seasons ago. By the way, if you are planning to visit the site of the actual town that stood in for SC, please postpone your trip til post-Trump Pandemic or you will make show creator and David himself Dan Levy mad.

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