What To Watch: 03/18/2020

The thespiatic forces behind Tracy Flick, Olivia Pope, Moe Szyslak, and Freddy Krueger all return to the air in debuts (series or season) today along with perhaps the most Freeform-y Freeform show ever.

Little Fires Everywhere [Hulu]
Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington combine as mothers (and co-producers of the series, bee tee dubs) whose paths cross inside a subdivision in this creepy looking thriller based on a Celeste Ng novel.

Brockmire [IFC, 10p]
The politically incorrect yet charming-enough-to-escape-cancel-culture, reluctantly small-town sports announcer continues to blunder and drink his way though life while somehow finding wisdom, now back for a 4th and final season.



  • Representing Freeform at its most Freeform, Motherland: Fort Salem, is an alternative reality sci-fi show which posits the notion that those accused in that 17th Century Massachusetts town truly were witches — supernatural beings who would fight to form America, making the country what it is in 2020 — well, its version of 2020. Did we mention it’s on Freeform?
  • The man who donned the Red & Green sweater and gardening shears to play one of cinema’s greatest monsters (and who also memorably ate a rat in V) hosts what looks to be an anthology drama of ripped-from-the-Ripley’s-headlines with True Terror with Robert Englund — even more bizarre, it’s on the Travel Channel.
  • We’re still a bit curious as to why Lena Waithe’s extremely well reviewed, semi-autobiographical series, Twenties, on BET is making so few waves. Well, the three-letter reason might be in there somewhere.

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