What To Watch: 03/15/2020

Most of this Sunday night’s viewing is not about TV, it’s about HBO (or something like that). One of its mindbending titans returns for a third go-around, while an underrated ’80s based comedy (with an incredible cast) gets a surprising, but very welcome, second season. Also, two old men yell at clouds — either of whom would be better than the World’s Worst Dot Dot Dot currently in the White House. Are we talking about the men or the clouds — well, either works, so let’s get right into it.

Westworld [HBO, 8p]
The craziest universe in television is back after a long hiatus. We left the show on a pretty big cliffhanger — with the robots’ rebellion successful. What happens when our robot friends hit the real world? We are about to find out.

Black Monday [HBO, 10p]
Don Cheadle, Andrew Rannells, Regina Hall, Paul Scheer, Casey Wilson, and Horatio Sanz are back for more of the cocaine-fueled (well, I assume) 1980s stock market nightmare. (Has there been a better cast since Party Down or Schitt’s Creek? What a time to be alive!)

Democratic Presidential Debate [CNN, 8p]
It’s probably all over but the shouting (and with these two guys, there’s sure to be a lot of it — talk about shrill!). Still mourning the exit of Elizabeth Warren, but Biden did take up Warren’s bankruptcy plan and that’s what this debate is ultimately about, ideas and hopefully getting it through Joe’s head that he’d be wise to take up many progressive ideas.



  • Apparently we’re all OK with Chris Hardwick now as his Pachinco+ show The Wall returns to NBC for a third season after a couple years hiatus.
  • HBO rounds out its revised Sunday night with the underrated space comedy Avenue 5 and the perfectly rated (or pretty pretty pretty — and no more pretties — good) Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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