What To Watch: 03/08/2020

HBO and AMC are battling to make us mad with their agonizing, but addictive Sunday night line-ups. Meanwhile, Rob Riggle jumps in to solve international mysteries, because what else would he be doing?

Rob Riggle: Global Investigator [Discovery, 10p]
Is it a comedy? Is it a travel show? Is it a travel show parody? Who cares?! Rob Riggle is on hand for this new series where the ever-eager Marine-turned-standup/comic actor solves global mysteries.

Duncanville [Fox, 8:30p]
“Annie and Jack steal a dead woman’s chili” is just the subplot that makes a Scholar verklempt that Fox’s new animated show from Amy Poehler isn’t live-action.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
The whisper war is heating up. After Beta’s attack last week the stakes couldn’t be higher. As the story strays from the source material, all bets are off. Ahh!



  • Oh, Stephen King, why?! Who hurt you?! Show us where on the doll the… OMG, THE DOLL’S HAUNTED… AND THE DOLL WAS OUR FEARS ALL ALONG?! So, we find out the results of the post-fade-to-black sniper ambush tonight, but we know it won’t be good for P.I. guy given he was hit in the head and went down quick just before the screen went dark, and it probably won’t be good news for Andy either because our hero savant genius agent would never be that lucky in love… not in a King adaptation. The Outsider has its finale on HBO tonight.
  • Norman Reedus, one of the only remaining Season 1 cast members on The Walking Dead, returns with a show that’s only a tad less dangerous. Airing on AMC, Ride with Norman Reedus focuses on the rough-hewn actor’s love of all things wheel-based (a passion that, of course, leaks into his role as Daryl Dixon.
  • Reelz is all-in on the nostalgia television tell-alls. After a couple weeks of sitcom celebrities’ last minutes on Earth, they pull it back a bit as this one is all about you, as the network goes B-T-S on the classic ’80s orphan-girls-find-a-home half-hour comedy with The Facts of Life: Behind Closed Doors. Not sure I want to know about the late Charlotte Rae’s sordid side.
  • Bravo debuts its newest friends-in-reality show, Family Karma, showcasing seven Indian-American 20-somethings together in Miami. This could be really, really bad — the title is a bad sign — but series star Vishal Parvani promises this time will be different. We’ve been hurt before, Vishal.

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