What To Watch: 03/06/2020

We’re still mostly sad about Elizabeth Warren and positively living with the results of 2016, so we may be too raw for Hulu’s latest docu-series chronicling the woman who wouldn’t be President (she did get 2.5 million more votes but whatever), however friendly the filmmaker fire might be.

Hillary [Hulu]
This four-part series documents Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. Hopefully, it is not hateful propaganda.

Amazing Stories [Apple+]
Highlighted by the last appearance of Academy Award nominated actor Robert Forster, this thriller anthology is a revival of a 1980s Spielberg experiment I loved as a kid. Other notables involved include Edward Burns and Josh “Sawyer” Holloway.

ZeroZeroZero [Amazon]
This unique thriller follows a shipment of cocaine from its purchase to distribution — from Mexico to a journey across the Atlantic. If a demonic version of Twenty Bucks that examines the intricacies of the international drug trade is your thing, this is the show for you.



  • A man’s search for his father unearths what he believes to be a dark secret about that father — he may be the Zodiac Killer. It’s The Ted Cruz Story on… no, no, no, although the tale of a time-traveling Ted Cruz making wrong things that once went right sounds like a promising idea. Charlie Kaufman, get on that! In any case, the FX four-part docu-series we are talking about here is called The Most Dangerous Animal of All.
  • It’s not all that surprising that Paradise PD is from the same minds that brought us the profane animated national park series Brickleberry as the first season of the show about bumbling cops hit a lot of the same comic beats. It returns for a second season on Netflix.
  • The trailer for Hulu’s Into The Dark: Crawlers is showing a lot of green, so we can presume that the celebrated holiday for the latest installation of the themed horror anthology is St. Patrick’s Day. However, it can’t be any more horrific than getting caught in Hoboken’s celebration {shuuuudder}.
  • Speaking of horrors — terrors of the real-life variety — specifically those stemming from human trafficking — are showcased on Showtime’s The Trade, which returns for a second season tonight.


  • Celebrity chef David Chang and filmmaker Morgan Neville continue to trek around the planet on James Beard’s dime in search of odd foods, bringing along a different guest each week. Ugly Delicious‘s second season guests include comedian Aziz Ansari and comedian Nick Kroll. It’s on Netflix.
  • Turkish thriller The Protector returns for its third Netflix season at a way too sadly timely time as the COVID-19 virus is expanding its realm.

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