What To Watch: 03/02/2020

Hey little libertines and cannonballs alike, Breeders, starring Martin Freeman — but unfortunately not as Kim Deal, nor does the show have anything to do with the 1990s alternative band — debuts as FX’s last new show before they muddy their waters with their weird semi-move to Hulu which will include debuts of shows called Dave and Devs to make things all the more confusing. We also have Mondays staples and a light profile of one of Screen Scholars’ favorite actors.

Breeders [FX, 10p]
A new comedy from FX starring Martin Freeman and Jayda Eyles with a plot that sounds familiar: two parents with two young children struggle to balance their family life, careers, and aging parents. (Was Judy Greer and Nat Faxon seriously not enough?)

Chris Pratt: In The Room [E!, 10:30p]
Sure, it’ll be fluff, but then Chris Pratt is fluffy and I’ll never tire of his origin story and his upbeat, Andy Dwyer-esque good cheer.

Better Call Saul [AMC, 9p]
Jimmy’s business enters uncharted territory and Kim has a legal problem only she can solve, and it tests her confidence. It’s fun to watch the dots get connected as we watch Jimmy fully transform to Saul.



  • Last week the McMillion$ plot became considerably darker as other Jerry died in a car crash and we found out the mean and violent side of “Uncle Jerry” Jacobsen, mastermind of the McDonald’s Monopoly Heist. We still don’t know how Uncle Jer was able to obtain the pieces and probably won’t until next week’s finale.
  • Over on The CW’s Black Lightning, Gravedigger & the Markovians are coming to Freeland to promote their new modern rock hit… oh wait, misread that: they are coming to attack Freeland.
  • HBO Go unveils its newest storytelling-through-cooking show with the wonderfully named Food Lore, in which Singapore director Eric Khoo leads a tour through Asia and its cuisine.

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