What To Watch: 03/01/2020

It’s Sunday night and all that it entails — that includes a new AMC show with an all-star cast.


Dispatches From Elsewhere [AMC, 10p]
This anthology drama, created by (and starring) Jason Segel, follows a group of strangers as they navigate a mystery.

The Outsider [HBO, 9p]
We are closing in on the end. Secrets will be revealed. Ralph and Yunis interview witnesses from the cave festival. The Outsider has captured imaginations since its debut and I’ve read the book, so I know must fans wont be disappointed when all is revealed.

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 9p]
Anytime Gene is tasked with writing a song, you know it’s gonna be a great Bob’s Burgers episode. This time, it’s all the siblings in direct competition as they try to compose a new Wagstaff fight song.



  • The Russo Brothers — writers extraordinaire of Community and Arrested Development and let’s not forget many corners of the MCU — are bringing their talents to Springfield where Bart sees a superhero movie and is ready to plot spoil spoil away on tonight’s Simpsons on Fox.
  • It’s a big day at Nat Geo as Wicked Tuna opens its ninth season of following fishermen over the Massachusetts waves, while on its Wild sidekick network, they debut the nature of Secrets of the Zoo: Down Under which is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Alexandra is under attack… again. That’s what’s happening on AMC’s The Walking Dead… again.
  • As long as there are bars out there in need to be rescued, Jon Taffer has a TV gig. Bar Rescue returns for a seventh season tonight on Paramount. And that’s why we’re mentioning it.
  • Sarah Fisher stars as Lily, and since it’s on Lifetime, she’s sadly beset with a stalker on the so-so-Lifetime-ly named His Fatal Fixation.

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