What To Watch: 02/29/2020

Comedian John Mulaney is racing to become the first former SNL writer to join the five-time club (without ever becoming a full cast member, Tina Fey). His third time comes hot on the heels of his critically lauded and hyper-original children’s special, John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch. From there, he brings along rock legend David Byrne, whose duet with cast member Lexi Perkel, “Pay Attention,” was a showstopper. Meanwhile, it’s a relatively busy Saturday even beyond the action coming live from New York.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
John Mulaney is back as host! And he’s joined by musical guest David Byrne who will be highlighting his America Utopia stage show. Surely it’s the can’t miss episode for self professed intellectuals. I’m just hoping we hear “Pay Attention.”

Seven Worlds, One Planet [AMC, 9p]
Sir David Attenborough reveals how Africa has shaped the animal life found there.



  • Like Mulaney, director, screenwriter, actor, mogul, caricature Tyler Perry has made the unlikely move of expanding to children’s television with Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan and a reductive shorthand could call it Pee Wee Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a 10-year-old rapper who — according to the show’s press — “is sent by his grandmother to live with her affluent son’s family.” So… his parents? his uncle? That’s a strange way to phrase it. In any case, it’s made its home on Nickelodeon, so you can probably take a stab at the tone if you don’t want to click on the trailer.
  • Musicians come together to support a continent that has been ravaged by flames for Fire Fight Australia — and it’s an impressive line-up including Queen & Adam Lambert, Alice Cooper, Michael Buble, and a phalanx of Aussie music stars from international legends like Olivia Newton-John to Icehouse, who were a twohit wonder in the U.S. but back home had dozens of hits over decades.
  • We’ll close this out as we often do — by bowing down to the visionary poets of Lifetime whose latest movie, debuting tonight, is Dying To Be You. You can find out more by clicking on it, but we suggest that you just try to make up your own possible plot.

Happy Leap Day everybody!! Don’t forget to wear your yellow & blue, lest you get pinched.



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