What To Watch: 02/28/2020

It’s Ru’s world, we just live (and occasionally try to get a good read in) in it. Following on the debut of his ’70s throwback road series on Netflix, the main features of the Ruiverse return today with both the race and the untucked afterparty in our thoughts this great day.



RuPaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 8p]
It’s essentially Project Runway, but where the designers wear their own creations — and lipsync, and act, and do improv, and the occasional puppet show. So, of course, I love it — and so does much of America. RuPaul’s celebration of the drag world seeks to find its 12th new Superstar of Drag (but really there’s been many more than that as just being featured makes you someone’s fan favorite). Making it even better, the show outdid itself with guest judges for this season (including Squad leader herself Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), with Nicki Minaj leading off tonight.

Rupaul’s Drag Race: Untucked [VH1, 9:30p]
If you are craving more Rupaul’s Drag Race, don’t fret. Get your VIP pass to all the drama and moments that didn’t make the runway during this companion piece that airs right after the show. Hear all the back-stage convos, arguments and tears that you don’t see during the judge’s deliberations. Pass the popcorn!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Disney+]
The Bad Batch face off against (maybe) hostile aliens and separatist forces to try to save their own. The new episodes of this amazing Star Wars offshoot have the same appeal of the the old series and it is easy to see why fans loved it. There is still quality in the Star Wars universe if you know where to look.



  • Fridays are the nights for new streaming, especially of the international variety, which tonight is led by Queen Sono, a South African import about a secret spy with that titular role played by the excellent Pearl Thuni — who was a delight as the sister and aid on the near-criminally underrated The Number One Ladies Detective Agency.
  • Also debuting on Netflix tonight include Toy Boy, a Spanish thriller about a stripper who wakes up on a boat next to a dead body, and Unstoppable, a Mexican tale of three teens on a road trip and a fourth rider who causes some kind of unnamed trouble (spooky). Meanwhile, the German detective story Babylon Berlin returns for a third season.
  • More Netflix: what happens when an eatery can’t take it anymore and is pushed to the limits of its sanity. The streaming site’s new show Restaurants on the Edge has nothing to do with that, unfortunately, but instead has to do with food palaces in far-flung, but apparently mostly peaceful places.
  • We’ll close it out with Disney Plus‘ newest reality show, Shop Class. It is exactly what it sounds like as a bunch of children meet in a workshop to make crafts. As the Screen Scholars are not particularly the handyman types, and in fact are the sorts who went out of their way to cut shop class in real life, we’re not sure why anyone would want to attend this on purpose, but the kids seem to be having a lot of fun in the trailer.

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