What To Watch: 02/16/2020

There’s so many things on tonight, we can’t get all of them and frankly we don’t really even have time for this intro.

War of the Worlds [EPIX, 9p]
Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern star in a modern-day adaptation of h.G. Wells’ famously adapted novel.

Duncanville [Fox, 8:30p]
An animated series about teen angst created by people involved with Parks & Rec (including Amy Poehler), The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers, and Wiz Khalifa is one of the voices. They had me at, well, everything.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
The Sea Captain finds a treasure he’s Ben looking for his whole life. But the people of Springfield have different ideas. Marge wants the tow to build a STEM school.



  • It’s mid-February and time for the noble and majestic John Oliver to emerge from the shadows and tell us if we have four more years of Trump or if we get an early spring of the soul. OK, unless we’re very lucky Last Week Tonight with John Oliver won’t answer that and get to press the WE GOT HIM buzzer without a disapproving look from Basketball Tiger until the second half of Season 7 in the fall (fingers crossed). But in any case the master of the deep dives in back tonight on HBO and his vigilance will keep us informed and laughing.
  • Westminster winner, step aside, it’s the 2020 American Rescue Dog Show that we care about. It’s on Hallmark, and it’s a chance for the puppy next door to shine.
  • Epix is hitting the new shows hard, and its other debut is also an adaptation, this one taken from a Slate Plus (so many pluses, so little time) podcast. Like that historical anthology podcast’s first season, TV’s Slow Burn looks into the Watergate scandal — the non-stupid one. Timely!


  • The ladies of Good GIrls might be free as we start season 3 on NBC, but we’re sure they’ll find some new trouble to get into, as that’s pretty much the whole point of the show. But, given that it’s got Retta, Christine Hendricks and Mae Whitman (and other delights), we’ll surely be watching.
  • It’s a night of “outs” as the cult favorite Scottish historical series Outlander returns for a fifth season on Starz and new Screen Scholars favorite HBO’s The Outsider continues its gripping inaugural season.
  • If you have yet to embrace streaming — or dropped your Netflix for cost — the more-than-adequate Breaking Bad post-script El Camino hits AMC tonight. It’s a good warm-up for the return of Better Call Saul (now amazingly hitting its fifth season) coming a week from tonight. It’s also a terrific last lick for legendary actor Robert Forster.
  • What has gotten into Reelz?! Are people clamoring for the sordid last days of Carol Brady? Actually, maybe yes. We don’t even know anymore. In any case, it’s airing Autopsy: The Last Days of Florence Henderson tonight, so, enjoy{?}. Its companion piece The Brady Bunch: Behind The Scenes surprises us a little less.

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