What To Watch: 02/11/2020

USA Network used to like to stress how it welcomed character. We’ll avoid chiming in on how successful they were with their flashy set of programming, but as critics, we at Screen Scholars definitely embrace character, and our love of it is on display tonight, from the debut of an inspirational story led by Nicholas Pinnock to the final stories of our favorite residents of an accidentally vulgarly named New England town.

For Life [ABC, 10p]
Nicholas Pinnock stars as Aaron, a wrongly-convicted man who becomes a lawyer in jail to both overturn his case and assisted other inmates. While it seems far-fetched, the series is inspired by Isaac Wright Jr., who became a licensed attorney in prison and overturned twenty convictions of his fellow inmates before proving his own innocence.

Cherish The Day [OWN, 10p]
I’m in the mood for love this week, so let’s kick off some pre-Vday vibes with Ava DuVernay’s latest offering in the form of an anthology TV show. Named after the Sade song (I’m guessing), the 8-part season delves into one of life’s most complex topics: love. Her second project for Oprah chronicles five years in the relationship of a L.A. couple who meet kismet-style in a bookstore. So, of course I’m sold already. Each episode centers around a milestone in their relationship and how it helps them evolve. I’m a sucker for dissecting modern love in these times and am rooting for it to conquer all.

Ali & Cavett: The Tale of the Tapes [HBO, 10p]
The story of two powerful men with a unique way of talking (and each name-droppers in his own way), told through a series of interviews on the latter’s iconic talk show.

Schitt’s Creek [Pop, 10p]
High School doesn’t last forever (thank God). Archie seeks advice on his post-Riverdale High future. Meanwhile, Veronica learns so devastating news about someone close to her because of course she does.



  • It may be coming a bit late, but director Alfonso Cuaron looks behind the scenes and inspirations of his mindtwisting, atmospheric, and (most importantly) Oscar-nominated Netflix film, Roma, with the simply named Road To Roma, aptly also on Netflix.
  • Also on Netflix, for children and/or nostalgic 20-somethings, there’s the media-bending experience Captain Underpants: Epic Choice-O-Rama.
  • So far, this season of The Masked Singer, has torn the head off of a robot and a llama to reveal a million-selling rapper and the most famous comedian-turned-game-show-host. Remaining in Group A, we have a kangaroo, a turtle, a white tiger, and Miss Monster. Who will be revealed? Gronk? Chaka Khan? We mean, we have no idea who these costumed figures could be.

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