What To Watch: 02/10/2020

We’re in a PBS state of mind here at Screen Scholars…

Agatha Raisin [Acorn]
Britain’s goofiest detective story carries on — although Agatha will never keep calm — as the final three episodes of Series 3 drops on your home for everything UK. These mysteries involve a deadly dance, love from hell, and a pig that turned.

Independent Lens [PBS, 10p]
On Independent Lens, Leftover Women chronicles the story of three successful Chinese women as they struggle in a society that stigmatizes unwed women.



  • Over on The CW’s Black Lightning, it’s a Markovian rescue mission as Lynn needs a-savin’.
  • Meanwhile, Reelz seems to be in the midst of a Bravo/TLC-style reinvention as the special Met While Incarcerated pretty well tells the story of that.
  • If you haven’t peeped it yet, McMillions delves into the crazy scandal surrounding the McDonald’s Monopoly scandal. It’s on HBO.


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