What To Watch: 02/07/2020

We got your Friday streaming right here, and it includes new content from Stephen King’s son, Alison Brie, and the team behind It’s Always Sunny. We also have the best Guy on TV (second place goes to Bojack‘s water buffalo cameraman — coincidentally the love interest of Diane Nguyen, voiced by Alison Brie).



Locke & Key [Netflix]
Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill, has become a pop culture powerhouse of late. His cultural currency will continue to rise today when the adaption of the comic series that put him on the map hits Netflix. Locke and Key tells the story of a family who finds mysterious keys. Perhaps the less you know the better…

Horse Girl [Netflix]
Between Lady Dynamite and Bojack Horseman, Netflix has become the prime drama source for exploring psychological distress. This drama/thriller plays out like a darker, less playful Lady D, as a 30-something woman fears that, like her grandmother before her, she is losing her mental grip. On a lighter note, Netflix is also great for bringing the Brie, as this is their third series featuring the vastly underrated Alison Brie, in this case as the titular character.

High Maintenance [HBO, 11p]
Everyone’s favorite Guy is back, delivering weed to New York’s cannabis-inclined citizens. [Ed.’s Note: he also has a puppy this season]



  • Given that it comes from the near-awe-inspiring creative team of Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz, it’s hard to fathom that nobody on our team picked this. Maybe it’s because none of us are RPGers. Perhaps the reason is the show’s on Apple+. In any case, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet — a goofy comic trip about a game creator (McElhenney) gone mad with power — looks as if it could be good, Community good (but that could just be the second easiest ref here given the presence of writer Ganz and Abed himself Danny Pudi in a supporting role).
  • Oscar-winning comedian and Netflix caller-outer Mo’Nique returns to the standup stage on Showtime, and she’s definitely going to talk about that latter descriptive on Mo’Nique & Friends: Live From Atlanta (as we see in the first joke of the hyperlinked trailer).
  • The folks at Amazon Prime, in an odd way, lucked out when the Philadelphia Eagles — subjects of this year’s version of the in-depth American football docu-series All or Nothing — did not play up to their lofty expectations. The team struggled early in the season, forcing them into a winding, yet much more compelling path to the playoffs. (Spoiler Alert) Once they got there, the team led by the curious Carson Wentz lost quickly and quietly, but the journey should still be fascinating.


  • While Valentine’s Day is far from a new territory for horror, it is the polarizing holiday-themed anthology Into The Dark‘s turn as Into the Dark: My Valentine, concerning a pop singer holding on to her ex, debuts today on Hulu.
  • The aftereffects of a scientific experiment on a trio of individuals fuels the premise of K-Thriller (is that a thing?) My Holo Love, which premieres today on Netflix.
  • The aftereffects of the disastrous Iowa caucuses on two trios of Presidential Candidates will be on display in the latest Democratic Presidential Debate airing on various channels. Help us, whoever makes it out of this muck, your democracy’s only hope!
  • After all that fearful stuff, let’s finish this off on something more lovely: a passive-aggressive rodent. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Valentine’s Day Special comes out on Amazon Prime.

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