What To Watch: 02/06/2020

If you’ve every run New York City’s Manhattan Bridge, you’ll know that it’s full of false peaks. You’ll be dog-tired, excited that you’re about to reach the top and it will be glorious downhill the rest of the way, only to find that it was just a trick of angles and there’s still more ascending to do. However, if you’re a runner, you’re also excited to have more challenges to come. TV’s own Peak Era is getting to be like that. Just when it does not seem possible there could be any more, a Thursday like today comes along and you wonder how you’ll find time to take in all you’d like. Ok, it’s an awkward metaphor, but it is indeed an insane day for new and returning television so let’s dispense with this pretense and dive right in.

Briarpatch [USA, 10p]
If you are having major Sam Esmail withdrawal since the finale of Mr. Robot, fear no more! He’s back this week with a new crime anthology series (a term I just learned actually) . I’m psyched to see Rosario Dawson in a producer/starring role as Allegra Dill, bad-ass investigator who returns home to find her sister’s killer — but discovers way more than she imagined. Can she reel in this corrupt town and bring it to justice? Will she avenge her sister’s murder? Will its depiction of a border-town be accurate? Tune in and find out tonight.

Indebted [NBC, 8:30p]
This new sitcom on NBC stars Fran Drescher and Steven Weber as the parents of Adam Pally. Saddled with heavy debt, they move in with their son and his wife, played by Abby Elliott.

Katy Keene [The CW, 8p]
It’s a Riverdale spin off slash Sex and the City spin off you didn’t ask for but got anyway. A 20 something tries to make it in then wild land of NYC. And somehow Josie (of the Pussycats) is there too, because why not.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 8p]
While The Good Place may be wrapped up in dots of blinding light, the dream of the Schuriverse is alive in Brooklyn as the adventures of Peralta, Holt, Santiago, Diaz, Boyle, Jeffords, Hitchcock and Scully continue with many changes, not least of which Captain Holt not being a captain anymore. In a two-part premiere, there’s a citywide manhunt for an assassin and we meet the new captain.



  • Every episode is a bottle episode on Interrogation, the new CBS All-Access about a real life murder mystery involving a man accused of killing his mother, told over the course of 30 years of police room questionings. It’s an interesting concept that could be a breakthrough or a total chore. Peter Sarsgaard stars.
  • Speaking of uniquely unfolding mysteries, the third installment from the files of Bill Pullman’s Detective Harry Ambrose, The Sinner, debuts tonight on USA with a new cast headed by The Mindy Project‘s Chris Messina and award-winner Matt Bomer.
  • CBS’ Thursday night sitcom line-up returns as on the better-than-it-should-be Mom,  Christy is chasing a secret stranger, while on Carol’s Second Act, Carol’s chasing secrets.


  • In CBS’ newest procedural, the titular Tommy is newly crowned L.A. Chief of Police Abigail “Tommy” Thomas, and in a casting coup, she’s played by Edie Falco.
  • Oh anime, you have the greatest titles. Cagaster of an Insect Cage deals with a dystopia 30 years after a great disease that turned its victims into insects. It’s on Netflix.
  • Finally, we say goodbye to a hero of both screen and real life — in the latter he helped end the Blacklist when he was instrumental in getting Dalton Trumbo credit for writing Spartacus. At 103, it’s hard to say Kirk Douglas was cheated of life — he even lasted 10 years after SNL made him the butt of a drive-by age joke in a Black Friday sketch. He had so many great roles, we totally forgot he was the guest voice of one of the best Simpsons episode as ancient artist Chester J. Lampwick, the original sketcher of Itchy — and hence the inventor of cartoon violence.


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