What To Watch: 02/05/2020

If you’re suffering from Bojack Horseman withdrawal, we’ve got something of a workaround fix tonight as voice of Bojack, Will Arnett, hosts a reality show featuring contestants creating art in the medium of a popular kids’ toy. Meanwhile, Netflix has two intriguing new docu-series — one about the history of Black Cinema featuring everyone you might want to see, the other concerning a father who tries to find meaning in his son’s tragic death by battling the opioid pushing villains responsible.

LEGO Masters [Fox, 9p]
Twenty men and women compete in teams of two to build to best LEGO creations. This competition series is hosted by Will Arnett, because he’s the voice of Lego Batman.

The Pharmacist [Netflix]
A father’s quest for justice leads him to take on drug dealers and corrupt cops in the Pharmacist. It sounds like a plot for an action film, but nope: it’s the subject of the latest documentary — this one in four parts — streaming on Netflix.

They’ve Gotta Have Us [Netflix]
Simon Frederick’s documentary chronicles the rise (and post-#OscarsSoWhite Renaissance) of African-Americans in cinema, and features interviews with almost everyone, highlighted by trailblazers like Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, and the late Diahann Carroll.



  • It’s classic-characters-with-dark-twist night on The CW as it’s the case of Nancy Drew and the Parallel Universe as her friends have to extract the slippery sleuth from another dimension. There’s also a new episode of the one that started it all, Riverdale, where Jughead wants a duel, Archie wants to stay ahead of his past, and Veronica travels to NYC to meet with longtime pal Katy Keene, who is getting a spinoff, debuting tomorrow, but the two things happening on back-to-back days is probably coincidental, right? Stay tuned…
  • Season three of the fun reality competition that brings together the singing styles of Chaka Khan and Rob… Gronkowski{?}… if internet guesses are correct. The Masked Singer sent home one of the most successful recording artists of all time on the first episode with its Robot reveal. Llama, Taco, Kangaroo, and the rest return for Day 2.
  • What a night for obsessively followed reality. The title Survivor at 40 is a bit misleading as it implies the Battle Royale-style-but-mental real-life competition has been going at it since Carter was in the White House. Survivor debuted in 1997, so not only has it not technically hit the big 4-0, it is barely legal to drink, and cannot readily rent a car. In any case, these kinds of shows double-up their seasons so we’re up to the 40th installment and tonight CBS celebrates that fact.


  • Perhaps less acclaimed, but just as Machiavellian, Bravo’s Summer House comes back for a fourth season of debauched warm-weather hook-ups.
  • Nora Lum’s fictionalized adventures in NYC’s most populous borough continue into a third installment on Comedy Central, this time she adds Adderall to the mix at the same time she starts a new job at a real estate firm. What could possi-BLIE go wrong? But, of course, that’s not the first time anything’s gone wrong on Awkwafina is Nora From Queens.
  • John Gates returns to explore more eternal mysteries on Expedition Unknownnow on Discovery Channel. What season it’s going into would appear to be one mystery we’ll never truly solve.


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