What To Watch: 02/02/2020

So, as of Thursday, The Good Place is over, and everything is fine! As of Friday, Bojack Horseman is over, and everything is worse. Tonight, the 2019-20 NFL season comes to an end and — well, everything will be mostly the same, save for people from the Bay Area and Kansas City. Of course, Jason would be singing a different tune were the Bills in the Big Game (which we can probably get away with saying the name of given our negligible readership numbers, but we’ll play along). In any case, he’s vowed not even to Watch the Game for the Commercials [TM]. Katherine and Brad would probably care at least a little if the Ravens or Browns were in the game. In any case the Gigantic Contest takes up almost all of the television air, so we’re gonna forego picks and just let you know some of what’s on tonight.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the dream we all dream of, Chiefs vs. 49ers in the World Series of Football, aka Superb Owl LIV. It’s got commercials. It’s on Fox. You’ve probably heard something about it by now.
  • Years ago, the undercard was beer bottles crashing into one another. Thankfully, today, we’ve got sweet puppies and cute kitties. Puppy Bowl 2020 is on Animal Planet. Kitten Bowl 2020 (and Cat Bowl 2020) is on Hallmark Channel.
  • More furry creatures appear as the prime spot of show after the Humongous Battle is the debut of the third season of The Masked Singer. We meet the costumed celebrities who want to join T-Pain and Wayne Brady as winners on the reality show that gets actual famous people to partake.


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