What To Watch: 01/31/2020

January is a cold month, and for TV fans, the end of January 2020 has been frigid. The last two days of the month have come with a bittersweet twist as two classics come to an end. On the plus side, we find out HOW they end. Last night was The Good Place takin’ it sleazy, and today, it’s Bojack Horseman‘s turn. While a happy ending seems a lot to ask for from the show about depression, but, then, the lead character did once say “you can’t have happy endings in sitcoms, not really, because if everyone’s happy, the show would be over.” Bojack Horseman is dead, and everything is worse now. Bojack, we see you.

Bojack Horseman [Netflix]
This is it! Bojack has reformed — as we saw in the first half’s penultimate episode, he’s off the booze and pills, has made amends with all his friends and has finally learned how to think of others and in his late 50s has maybe learned how to live as an adult without need for the spotlight. However, the past can be relentless and Bojack has wronged a lot of people — and as we saw in the first half’s ultimate episode — those wrongs are about to catch up with him. Even if the new, less needy Bojack can stomach being blackballed in Hollywoo, will he ever be forgiven by his half-sister Hollyhock.

Ragnarok [Netflix]
Set in the fictional town of Edda, this six-part Norwegian language series follows the residents of a mysterious town. Part coming-of-age story and part Norse mythology, I’m excited to settle in for this one.



  • Her hips famously don’t lie and neither do we — at least about what’s on HBO tonight, and coincidentally that’s the Colombian superstar on stage with Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour.
  • Netflix brings the international with a flurry of new content, in alphabetical order we have the movie 37 Seconds from Japan, a drama about a journalist with cerebral palsy trying to lose her virginity (in an extra dose of cuteness, the trailer itself is 37 seconds long — woo hoo!), returning series Diablero, a surreal Mexican offering about life after angels, and Italy’s Luna Nera, a dark ages period piece. Finally, Katherine has already touted Ragnarok — not to be confused with the surprisingly fun Thor sequel.
  • Amazon Prime’s immersive team sports doc-series All Or Nothing went global last year, following the English Premier League soccer team Manchester City and the Oceanic Rugby team the New Zealand All-Blacks. his year they travel to South America to cover the absurdly successful Brazilian team with All Or Nothing: CBF.
  • Friday’s also always a great day for murder with new(-ish) documentaries. The second season of I Am A Killer debuts on Netflix. Over on Amazon Prime, they give more TV time to our most famous serial killing charmer (he murdered nurses, people!) and the women who love him (ugh!) with Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer.
  • And of course, Lifetime has always been there for you fans of love, murderers, and stalkers, and tonight’s no different as the main course is Sinister Savior, about, what else, a vulnerable woman who meets an engaging new guy — but, TWIST, he’s not who he seems. We’d put the trailer here, but between Sinister SeductionSinister Stalker, and The Sinister Surrogate (all real movies, btw), it was hard enough to find any information on this film — but then we probably could have written what we did without that information. But we did find out the vulnerable woman is Karen and the engaging-(but-not) guy is called Daniel.

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