Box Office Weekend: Friday, January 31st, 2020

This week’s releases include several foreign films that weren’t shortlisted for an Oscar but do look interesting.

Gretel & Hansel is an updated take on the classic fairytale. There’s a twist though, beyond having Gretel be older? I’ll need Wikipedia spoilers before I dip my toe in this one.

José is an LGBTQ drama about a young man in Guatemala.

The Traitor is an Italian crime drama. The biopic follows Tommaso Buscetta, the first mafia man to become an informant. It probably doesn’t go well for him! The film is Italy’s submission for Best International Feature Film.

The Assistant is a drama starring Julia Garner, who I would watch in just about anything.

The Wonderland is a whimsical animated film from Japan.

Incitement, an Israeli drama, is “a profile of Yigal Amir in the year leading up to his assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.”

Your local independent theater (or corporate-owned, but showing independent films) will start showing the 2020 Oscar Nominated Shorts this weekend as well.

Today on Netflix:

37 Seconds

BoJack Horseman, season six, part b

I AM A KILLER, season two

Luna Nera


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