What To Watch: 01/30/2020

You might want to check in on Screen Scholars this weekend (maybe bring a nice casserole) as two of our all-time favorite shows come to an end on successive nights. Tonight, it’s Mike Schur’s master class on good v. evil as we find out the ultimate fate of Team Cockroach (not to mention that of all of existence. While it’s an ending for one show on NBC, it’s a beginning on another (lesser) favorite as Cloud 9 hosts the marriage of true minds, where beleaguered Sandra exchanges vows with the affable, if personality-challenged Jerry.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
It’s a double episode [plus an extra half-hour of celebration] as Schur closes the book on the story of Eleanor, Tahani, Jason, Chidi, Janet, Michael, and the history of humanity. According to those in the know, its rabid fanbase (which includes the majority of our editors) will not be disappointed. He hasn’t let us down yet, so bring on, as the peacock itself put it, the series forking finale. I won’t cry (I will cry… a lot).

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
Sandra and Jerry are finally getting married!

The Stranger [Netflix]
Harlan Coben’s latest thriller boasts a cool-ass cast — including Ab Fab’s Jennifer Saunders in a serious role.



  • Sal, Murr, Joe, and Q return for a ninth season of good-natured public pantsings as Impractical Jokers starts back tonight on TruTV. And watch out for a movie {wait, what?!} next month.
  • Well, as proponents of the Aaron Hernandez documentary earlier this month, and as we recognize the greatness of ESPN’s signature series, as much as we hate promoting anything about our least-favorite non-double-murderer in the NFL, we’ll probably watch 30 For 30: Vick.
  • There’s always room for Law & Order: SVU and tonight Olivia Benson has to protect a victim from her own ranks as an officer comes to her for help.
  • Netflix’s oddball Japanese reality romance-in-a-minivan show heads to a new continent: it’s Ainori Love Wagon: African Journey.
  • Let’s end, as we often do, in the often mystifying world of Lifetime Movies, and tonight’s title is a curveball: Grand Theft Auto Girls. It turns out to have little to do with the popular violent video game series (although given the promotion uses the familiar font, maybe it has more than we think), but is instead about a teenage girl who becomes involved in a luxury car crime ring and the mother who has to keep it all together. It’s arrested development.

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