What To Watch: 01/24/2020

Aidy Bryant’s story from the words of Lindy West gets more play from Hulu in the form of a second season, as does another one of those gritty reboots of an originally light-hearted favorite (but in this case the elements are third season and Netflix). Play ball!

Shrill [Hulu]
Shrill, whose first season was the best of TV for 2018, is finally back; don’t talk to me until I’ve finished bingeing season two this weekend, OK?

Sabrina The Teenage Witch [Netflix]
What would you do if you were queen of hell? Our friendly neighborhood teenage witch Sabrina is about to find out in Part 3, debuting today. This is definitely NOT your parents SATW, it’s just as dark as that other Archie murder show. You’ve been warned.

Fresh Off The Boat [ABC, 8:30p]
Always up for an Evan episode of FOB or a Spelling Bee, and tonight is both as it’s Evan’s time to shine with the words, and shine he… apparently does not. Also, Emery gets a job and given the title of tonight’s half-hour it would be the “Magic Motor Inn.” And with that, it’s gonna be a rough week for our girl Jessica.



  • It’s the show one Screen Scholars writer privately called “that Republican piece of nonsense” and about which another in these pages mocked the thought of even being excited about. Ashton Kutcher & Friends’ The Ranch returns for its latest season on Netflix today. It’s somehow on its eighth season. As its animated horse cohort on Netflix might say: “Whaaaaaaat?!”
  • About another Netflix Friday unveiling, Metacritic labels The Goop Lab “reality (sort of).” If this is how an Oscar-winning actress wishes to spend her time, well, bully for her. We’re going to just assume you know who we’re talking about here.
  • More odd Netflix detritus: Is it a historical document? An RPG adaptation? An expose of pushy furniture salesmen? Make room in your life for Rise of Empires: Ottoman. Or don’t.
  • Two forces that haven’t really “gotten” music for decades team up for MTV Presents: 2020 A Grammy Celebration.
  • Let’s close (as ya do) with the latest Lifetime Movie offering: it’s The Wrong House Sitter and we’re not even gonna hint at (or look up) what it’s about. We’ll let that exquisite title just loll in the most delicious corners of your mind.

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