What To Watch: 01/23/2020

Have your IDs ready for the border guard, because that 1990s icon Jean-Luc is back and he’s brought a pit bull — and if you’re pushing or past 40, try not to think about how old Patrick Stewart was when he first played Trek’s second captain as it might just ruin your day. Overall, it’s a pretty amazing day for us nerds as we’ve also got a gaudy comic book adaptation and some Maori horror.

Star Trek: Picard [CBS All-Access]
Jean-Luc Picard, my favorite Captain, returns to our TVs (or laptops, I guess) in CBS’ newest great show they won’t air on over-the-air television. Welcome to the 24th century, ya’ll, Romulus is destroyed and our hero has a dog.

October Faction [Netflix]
Continuing the trend of comic adaptions, Steve Niles and Darren Worm’s creation hits Netflix today. A family of monster hunters suspect there is something amiss in a small town. I’m guessing… monsters?

The Dead Lands [Shudder]
The 2014 New Zealand cerebral horror film about Maori tribesmen is both an unlikely choice for a movie-to-series adaptation and as my viewing choice. However, the trailer is intense and its new character, fierce female warrior Mehe (Darneen Christiensen) instantly captivates as a potential breakout star.



  • So it’s come to this for Jason Biggs. After becoming famous for an unconventional love interest in the surprise hit flick American Pie, then nearly universally reviled as Piper’s ineffectual husband on OITNB, he’s hit Fox as the latest dumbed down dad on Outmatched. Well, if Andy Richter and Jeff Garlin have gone there, why not Mr. Biggs. Maggie Lawson is his wife (she’s equally billed and don’t mean to diminish, it’s just, well, Jason Biggs), ex-SNL Finesse Mitchell and ex-Martin gf Tisha Campbell are… neighbors? And Tony Danza is around — chances are playing a guy named Tony.
  • Based on a novel by Malaysian author Yangsze Choo, The Ghost Bride tells the story of an 1890s Chinese woman who is tapped to be a “ghost bride” — which is the stand-in wife for a dead man — but while haunting is an obvious concern, the greater problem becomes the murder mystery in which she becomes embroiled. The fun begins on Netflix.
  • While the early buzz is brutal, Netflix comedy Airplane Mode boasts an intriguing premise — a social media-obsessive teen who is screwing up her real life is sent to her grandfather for some offline time and a few appealing and/or funny moments in the trailer.


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