What To Watch: 01/08/2019

A popular ’90s show about children left alone with then youthful Matthew Fox is rebooted with a new cast, as a popular ’10s show begins its 2020 endrun.

Party of Five [Freeform, 9p]
The ’90s series, which starred Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Lacey Chabert, gets a timely reboot: now the five siblings must band together not because their parents died but because they are undocumented and are being deported.

Modern Family [ABC, 9p]
Alex get put up in a deluxe apartment and her family wants to take advantage of her wealthy neighbors. The final season has had a few misfires, but is still worth watching.

Undercover Boss [CBS, 8p]
I always wonder how anyone could ever see cameras and a strange new worker in a fake beard and don’t immediately realize they are on this hit show. Tonight that incredulity will be stretched to the limit as Drew Brees walks the streets of New Orleans with no one recognizing him?!



  • Looking like an American Ninja Warrior for canines, reality competition America’s Top Dog opens on A&E.
  • The competition is even more dog-eat-dog in Texas cheerleading (there was even an early HBO movie based on a positively true adventure when a mom murdered for it). The buzzy six-part Netflix series Cheer chronicles the battles of the championship team from Navarro College in Texas.
  • After Tuesday’s Dick Wolf FBI night comes Wednesday’s Dick Wolf Chicago night with the return of Chicago MedChicago P.D., and Chicago Fire.

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