What To Watch: 01/06/2019

The first Monday of January in the Roarin’ 20s Too: Still Roarin’ is a night of competition led by baking kids and variety show winners.

America’s Got Talent: The Champions [NBC, 8p]
The Champions version of this classic(?) show is back for a second season. Who will return? Who will win? Everyone loves a second chance so hopefully Champions will become a Winter tradition.

Kids Baking Championship [Food, 9p]
Twelve kid cooks must make “shag cakes” in the season eight premiere. I don’t know if that’s a niche cake that’s new to me, or an attempt to break the brains of Gen Z, who are asked to create a cake that looks like a ’70s rug, which they’ve likely never seen.

The Brokenwood Mysteries [Acorn]
If you like your detective stories long, intricate, and with a New Zealand accent, well, you’re in luck, because the sixth season tales of Shepherd, Sims and the rest have hit that one-stop shop for non-U.S. mysteries.



  • For whatever reason, alternate realities series tend to get lost in the shuffle, and NBC’s Manifest has not been helped by hit-or-miss critical reaction to its first year. However, the 828ers get a second chance to nab viewership with the quests they call “callings.”






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