What To Watch: 01/05/2020

A certain Gervais is back on the podium, so you can bet there’ll be some viral content on the Golden Globes, and not about who won or lost. Also, most of what Fox once called (and may still call) Animation Domination returns for a stab at 2020.

The 77th Annual Golden Globes Award [NBC, 8p]
Ricky Gervais hosts, and goes mad with power, while the Hollywood elite suck down champagne in the industry’s awards season kick-off. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Oh Artie Ziff you scamp. You invite marge and homer to your wedding without telling them your bride is a clone of Marge. Oh and Lisa becomes popular and is not prepared for the misogyny it will bring.



  • On the topic of controversial awards show hosts, one who didn’t quite work was Seth MacFarlane (quelle dommage!). Oh well, he’ll always have Family Guy (at least apparently), and tonight’s episode is titled “Connie’s Celica,” so we’ll bite. On Fox.


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