What To Watch: 01/04/2020

He’s suave, he’s swift, he’s 123 years old and undead. The latest incarnation of the Bram Stoker villain (or early anti-hero?) comes from BBC through Netflix and clearly is our lead — although there is a theme of misbegotten and misguided love throughout our guide today.

Dracula [Netflix]
Produced in collaboration with the BBC, this three-episode series has critics calling it “gross” yet also “sexy.”

Hopelessly In Love: Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes & Andre Rison [Lifetime, 9:30p]
This conflagrative “romance” between TLC’s mischief maker and the Atlanta Falcons wideout boasting the awesome nickname “Blue Moon” always fascinated me — right up to the point she burned his house down. Rison is actively involved in this documentary, giving testimonials, and we can count on Lifetime to handle it tastefully (it did sadly play out like a Lifetime movie in real life though).



  • If you have been responding in a negative fashion to a certain tradition-bearing piece of clothing in Ghana, well the return of TLC’s tentpole may not be for you. For everyone else (well, a smallish portion of everyone else), there’s Say Yes To The Dress: America.
  • Let’s all root on Jason’s team [ed.s note: and pretend Jason is not writing this — or this] the Buffalo Bills as they take on the Houston Texans — side note: there have been two more Presidential impeachments than Buffalo playoff wins since 1996. After that we can urge on America’s team, a.k.a. anyone who plays the Patriots. Tonight, that is the Tennessee Titans, led by… Ryan Tannehill?! That can’t be right. It’s AFC Wild Card Football and the first game can be found on ABC and ESPN and the second on CBS and… CBS All-Access?! That can’t be right.
  • Hallmark has officially moved its movie theme from Christmas to the more general “Winter” with Winter in Vail. Please, no one tell Ted Cruz.

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