What To Watch: 12/15/2019


Who watches the Watchmen? Well, on streaming, it turns out, a lot of people — enough to perhaps juice a second season, mebbe? Although they do promise the end, for real this time, tonight, so we’ll see. Also, it’s our childhood honored tonight in DC — so hopefully our childhood villain — a.k.a. our current President — stays the hell away.

Watchmen [HBO, 9p]
So the end of the Watchmen show is nigh. They are being cagey about a second season so we are not sure what to expect. With the explosive return of Dr Manhattan in the past weeks nothing is off the table. Dr Manhattan said nothing ever ends. I’m hoping he’s right.

The Kennedy Center Honors [CBS, 8p]
This year’s honorees include Sesame Street, which turned 50 this year (and sadly, the original Big Bird, Carroll Spinney, died the weekend this was filmed), Earth, Wind & Fire, Sally Field, Linda Ronstadt, and Michael Tilson Thomas.

Sunday Night Football [NBC, 8p]
Ok, I’m getting personal on this one, because when was the last time the Buffalo Bills were FLEXED into Prime Time. But even if you are neither a Bills nor a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, this game should be some good, old-fashioned, in-the-trenches football for two teams scrapping for playoff spots.

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