What To Watch: 11/06/2019

It’s an iconic location on 125th St. in New York City famous for its stand-up, legendary musical moments, and famously brutally tough crowd who if displeased with the performance of the “artist” on stage, could be known to call for a literal hook or, in an earlier day, the appearance of the late vaudeville dancer Howard “Sandman” Sims to escort said bombing artist offstage. HBO digs deeper into the character of America’s biggest city with its second new documentary about one of its cooler aspects.

The Apollo [HBO, 9p]
The documentary about Harlem’s storied Apollo Theater promises “a deep dive reveals the theater’s varied past.”

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
Veronica faces tough decisions as her parents go on trial. Jughead learns some family secrets. The new season of Riverdale finally kicks into high gear.

Scams [Netflix]
This Japanese import deals with a heist from an unlikely medium for drama, but considering phone scams have proliferated and are sadly effective, it could be pretty timely.



  • Presumably still the reigning Class President of Greendale Community College, South Park is now also the second longest running fictional show in history. It brings its 23rd{?!} season to an end with the citizens of the Colorado town turning furiously on Randy Marsh and Tegridy Farms.
  • The Garden State’s representatives in wine-throwing socialite reality drama, Real Housewives of New Jersey, returns to television. However, we won’t really care unless they add that table cat who does not like ‘vegtals’ as a new character. And, yes, we know the famous image is from the Beverly Hills version.

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