What To Watch: 10/31/2019

We’re all about the Thursday night NBC line-up here at Screen Scholars, so you’ll likely see at least two shows from it highlighted in this space every Thursday until we use it up.

The Good Place [NBC, 9p]
Tonight is a bit of a standalone episode as Michael tells Bad Janet a story about the aftereffects of Brent’s novel — a novel as terrible, sexist, misogynistic, and, most importantly divisive to The Good Place as you could imagine.

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
This box store show airs a Halloween episode on a network promising seasonally appropriate episodes (see “Welcome to Hell,” via The Good Place). Amy goes all out decorating the store in a bid to impress the district manager, creating a haunted house Glenn is too afraid to enter. And Jonah tries to collect union cards, which sounds like a private hell, if you ask me.

Mixtape [AXS]
On the latest episode of this concert show The Monkees’ Mike Dolenz talks the music that inspired him. There’s bound to be some surprises, but I’m sure Daydream Believer will be included.



  • Hallmark knows it’s Halloween, so in honor of this time of year, they are debuting A Nostalgic Christmas. This is where we insert the easy joke about how we’re nostalgic for when Christmas titles waited til after Thanksgiving, but was it ever REALLY that way.
  • Netflix’s latest foreign import is the noir-y thriller Nowhere Man whose first season darts back and forth between heists taking place 10 years apart.
  • A returning Netflix foreign import is the Japanese anthology where the tales take place at the same eatery — Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories.

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