What To Watch: 10/29/2019

For one brief, shining moment, Arsenio was the Camelot of late night hosts, but many, many years later he’s back to his roots and streaming (and that’s a sentence that’s all over the generational gap). His late night special debuts today on Netflix as the nation’s pastime either closes up shop with either the Houston Astros crowned champions for the second year in a row or the Nats live to fight one more day (and Katherine has some thoughts on that).

Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy [Netflix]
A lot has changed in the thirty years since Arsenio Hall was the man of the hour, and based on his trailer, yes, he addresses that — first two clips get a solid dig in on the Cos and a meh joke about cell phones. I’ll admit, I’m both wary and stoked to see what this once great stand-up has in his joke book.

World Series, Game 6 [Fox, 8p]
The Nats, who I am rooting for as a onetime resident of Frederick, Maryland (despite a lifelong dedication to the Baltimore Orioles) — May they win tonight, crushing the dreams of Astros fans (astronauts included, sorry). Did the Senators break my father’s heart, turning him away from literally every sport? Yes. (My best friends father taught me how to throw a foot all, my mother: everything else.) Is my mother breathlessly rooting for her home team? Yes. Can I resist an underdog? No.

The Conners [ABC, 8p]
Jackie discovers a dark secret when trying reopen the Lunch Box. Darlene’s love life is still complicated. Must be Halloween for the Conner Family.



  • HBO’s latest documentary, Any One Of Us, explores the lives of a group of people who through very different circumstances face the same tragedy of paralysis, but have fought to overcome it — also in varying ways.
  • It’s Halloween on the Screen Scholars favorite, Bless This Mess, and Mike’s form of celebration is to put the scare to Rio from day to night. The action takes place on ABC.
  • For all your superhero needs, look, where else, to The CW, where on Arrow, siblings reconnect in catacombs, while on The Flash, student teaches master in a big way as Cisco saves Barry’s life — and if the episode’s title is any indication, he also drinks his milkshake. He drinks it up!


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